BDD is a mental health problem related to body image, in which an individual has a preoccupation with one or more perceived or slight defects in his or her appearance. BDD is diagnosed only if the preoccupation causes significant distress, disrupts daily functioning, or both. Some people with BDD acknowledge that their distress may be an extreme response to the perceived or slight defect, whereas others are so firmly convinced about their perception that they are regarded as having a false belief. Whatever the degree of insight into their condition, people with a diagnosis of BDD usually realise that others believe their appearance to be 'normal' and have been told so many times; nevertheless, their perception of ugliness is very real to them. This website is here to support and educate the world about this illness.

Clinical Features of Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Online Survey
We are looking for volunteers who:

Have, or think they may have BDD

Are at least 18 years old

Are interested in answering some questions about their concerns and how they affect their lives

Your participation may help to better understand BDD and its associated features, which - in turn - may help develop innovative treatment concepts for BDD. This study will take about 30 minutes to complete and you can choose to discontinue your study participation at any time.
If you would like to participate follow the link below:

We are producing a new 3-part Documentary Series for BBC Three and one of these episodes explores the opinions and perspectives of body image amongst young males in the UK.

This episode will cover the pressures of ‘looking good’ in today’s World. Why do more people tend to care about their looks now than ever before? Is social media partly to blame? These are a couple examples of the questions we hope to try to answer from a MALE perspective.

We would be interested in speaking to people who are struggling with BDD or similar body image problems that would be comfortable talking to us. Nobody would be committed or obliged to take part at this early stage and it would be for research purposes to begin with but it might be something they could consider further down the line.

It would also be great to speak to any CBT centres or specialist psychiatrists around the country that deal specifically with BDD or have an opinion or perspective on body image that they would be happy to share.

We are hoping that through this, we could help raise awareness of the disorder and help reduce any possible stigma attached as it seems more common than people may believe.

If this is something you think you I might be able to help us with then please email me on: george.riad@roughcut-tv.com

Many Thanks


A woman's magazine is looking for women to write love letters to their body. It will be all about their relationship with their body and why they love it now. They must be willing to take part in a photoshoot in London on January 9th too. If you wish to take part, please email nikki_osman@ipcmedia.com with a few lines about yourself and what you would write, along with a picture of yourself. 
I am writing an article about BDD for a top glossy magazine and we're hoping to interview a woman whose boyfriend suffers from BDD.
This is a sensitive article and will involve a short phone interview and pictures.
Please contact ...
Shannon Kyle
Freelance journalist and Ghostwriter
0207 813 3189
07538 835 340
These are currently running a trial on CBT for young people with BDD. Get in touch! www.ifeelugly.info  


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BDDHELP, As mentioned in the book,  Overcoming Body Image Problems including Body Dysmorphic Disorder, by Rob Willson, David Veale, and Alex Clarke.

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